Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hurricane Sandy...take me away!

Just when I think I am starting to get a fraction of my life organized, Hurricane Sandy pulls through town. I guess we won't really be getting the hurricane just the tropical storm portion.

This is Florida kid, hurricane or not you're still having your swimming lesson

Whatever, like it matters what the actual wind speed is outside when you are being held hostage in the house by two inmates. All this rain is making Jackson act like a puppy on the first cool day of fall...he's disposition is wild. He was building a train tonight, (yes that's a full size train that he's building in our garage, he does this when he isn't practicing his A-B-Cs) and next thing I know he's crying inconsolably. I just assumed  he finally realized that after he goes to bed we eat all sorts of cake and candy that he didn't know we had. But no...after about 3 minutes of wailing with real tears, I get him to tell me what's wrong...the train tracks fell off the table...that's it. I mean seriously the train tracks fell on the floor. He spends a great deal of his day launching all sorts of things onto the floor and across the house. This train has not been an exception and yet at this moment it was possibly the worst part of his day.
Needs the shades to hide the puffy eyes from all the crying
The other night he lost his mind completely when I put a sock on his right foot. He told me that he did not want that sock on that foot, he wanted it on the other foot...This was a real beauty of a break down. I was laughing so hard, which I generally do not do. I think it's mean to laugh when he is crying but for some reason the irrationality of this just caught me off guard. It was no laughing matter on his side, until I got that evil sock off his right foot and placed it directly onto his left foot where it belonged. Whew, crisis averted.

Perfect! Our junk drawer is now taped open...#RainyDayActivities

The sticker fairy found the trashcan...these were fun to get off

He also managed to explain the difference between a high note and a low note to me. This was done with the auditory aid of farts. He let out a loud whistle and said, "that's a high note momma." So proud of his work and his ability to tell the octave of his butt vibration. I just smiled and said, "sure sounded like a high note to me." What I didn't realize was that our music lesson was not complete. He then lets out a whopper and quickly points out, "that's a real low note!" I guess I never fully appreciated his musical ear, I better look into piano lessons immediately.
I really have been managing to get more done lately. Most days feel like I'm juggling while walking a tight rope in high heels. There really are just not enough hours in many of my days. But I have been consistently getting to the gym and that feels great. Jackson asked me if I took a nap at the gym...I guess the results of my hard work are not lost on him! Working out always makes me want to get into the bed earlier at night, but Luke has explained the importance of my staying up well past my desired bedtime of 10:30. I think his exact words were, "It's October, Sharron. Can you feel it? Are you excited?" If you don't know, it's playoff baseball time and now it's actually the World Series. So we have been up late watching the games and I managed to squeeze in a debate or two.
Here's Luke enjoying the debates

Don't be confused...this is Luke watching game 2 of the World Series...thank goodness I'm still up
Blake gets stronger and cuter everyday...

ready to start stirring some trouble up!
He has started to creep/crawl and now he is getting into Jackson's stuff...oh that just burns him up. I have already started to sound like my mom telling my older brother to just play with me. But Jackson does like to get into the crib with Blake in the morning when they both wake up. Blake likes to roll over onto Jackson and grab a handful of his hair...then Jackson starts screaming and the fun is over...just a preview of the rest of my life!
Well, I could go on and on, but I'm sure you have your own lives to attend to on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

Have a wonderful week, stay dry and stay safe...Sharron

Pit - Just realized that Jackson's relatives may really be scarecrows!

Note the uncanny resemblance...that's what you get with family from Kansas

 Peak - Here are the boys, first thing in the morning in Blake's crib!

Just before the screaming begins

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  1. Sharron, thanks for the Friday morning giggles! This had me laughing from the start! I love the photos of your family, too!
    Man, I wish you lived closer!
    Keep blogging, my friend! You're good!