Monday, October 15, 2012

Farm Fun...Vaca Part 2

Blake had some 6 month photos taken at the farm...Jackson felt it important to let us know how he felt about us interrupting his cow photographing time.
On our first night in Kansas we get to visit with one of my dearest, longest known friends...Our husbands only allow this to happen for one night, perhaps twice a year with our children supervising. If we were to be on our own, without the spying eyes of little children and with the phone number to a reliable cab we would be at some watering hole for hours gossiping and attempting to charge our bill to the Underhills. It is forever amazing to me that after nearly 30 years of knowing each other but with time and distance against us, we always pick up just where we left off. Its as if we will always just know too much about one another to not be friends. Jackson seemed to take a liking to her daughter this year, he kept trying to feed her his food. I don't know what that's about, apparently he likes a bigger girl. She is only 5 years older (little Cougar)...maybe we will be related one day!

Jackson and Alex...One can dream that he would find a girl so nice
The next day we leave civilization as I know it and head out to the farm.
Here he heaven
I find it amazing that so many people ask me what in the world I will be doing on the seems I don't look like the farm sort?! The minute I step out of the car the real farmers take one look at me and hope I don't start putting make up on the cows. One year there was a calf in the barn and I wanted to bring it into the house 'cause it was so cold outside. This was not something that even crossed their minds...I have many good ideas like this but no one wants to listen.
Luke, however, is a real farm boy...Sexy, huh! He just hops his little Guess jeans wearing self up into a tractor and takes off. He took me out once to show me how to shoot a gun. As we stood there in the middle of God's country with an arsenal of weapons, I scanned the land for the nearest safe house, I could not see another home in any direction. My mother warned me, "don't let him blow your head off!" Something I had not thought of until we were standing in the middle of no where. I knew then that any of my usual irrational outbursts would be confined to suburbia.
So we are here...we made the farm.

Bonfire and drinking...breakfast on the farm

Side note: I gave Jackson one of our old cameras, this was an attempt to get him to stop taking our camera. In doing so I now have photographic evidence of all the things that Jackson finds interesting. The farm photos are riveting. But it is his artistic expression and we should support it...blah, blah, blah...I'm just glad I don't have to pay to have all this "art" developed.
The farm is where the real fun for Jackson and the real drinking for me begins.

Perhaps the one and only picture that Jackson focused is of me holding a drink!

"The scary owl, I need to get a picture of it Momma!"
You see once securely in the midst of many family members in the middle of no where, there is not much else to do but eat junk, drink and pass the baby around (oh and shoot guns, which I try never to bring up). Jackson of course finds this to be liberating because his helicopter mother decreases her fly-bys. There is no one to kidnap the prince and most of the things that can really cause him bodily harm are too big for him to get onto without an adult. And without a doubt the adults that are on this trip all know how crazy I am that they would never do anything that I would not approve of...hahahaha! Enter the well meaning, nephew spoiling aunt! I hear Jackson ask for some of her drink, she of course says sure...I quickly intervene. Jackson only drinks water, milk, tea and orange juice. He has never had soda, and he has definitely never had diet soda...

Auntie Amanda - one of the top offenders at spoiling our kids...they love her!
Jackson gets to drive a tractor, get fresh eggs from the chicken coup, and play with all the farm cats.
Driving the tractor

He is mooing
He also discovered cheetos...we had a bonfire and there was lots of different food. I find my child running around covered in orange. I ask what have you been eating, he says quickly "Some new chips, we probably should get some." I make him show me the "new chips", there they were...cheetos. I'm not sure who allowed this to happen, but I am certain they were secretly laughing inside when they saw my face.
After our time at the farm, we went back to Kansas City. We had to make sure we made it to a Chiefs game. I graciously bow out of this family outing, I mean I have an infant and it is 40 degrees at game time. No thank you! But Luke decides taking our toddler would be an excellent idea. Jackson made it almost to half time. This is when he started explaining to Luke, 1,000 times in a row, that he wanted to go back to the hotel. Of course, he had cotton candy and likely a piece of candy off the bottom of one of the seats before returning. I guess he had fun...I have many pictures from his camera.
On their way to the Chiefs game...Jackson has a red finger flashlight on...
After all this vacation fun, I need a vacation of my own. This will entail me sitting alone in total silence drinking champagne from a bottle while someone rubs my feet...

Pit: I have a picture of cow poop...this is from Jackson's camera

  Peak: Blake made his first trip to the farm, his immune system is no doubt healthier from this dose of real fresh air.

 I hope you have memorable vacations with your children too...Sharron

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  1. Love the picture of you and the cow poop! What a good idea giving Jackson his very own camera. What fun for him! Ps... I would have just secretly brought the baby calf in the house somewhere and made him all cozy warm ;-)