Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who's in Charge Here?

Who's in charge here? My father used to always say, "If you have to ask who's in charge, it's NOT you." Well, who's in charge here?
The rain has challenged us for the past week, apparently we had a tropical storm - Tropical Storm Isaac...not Jackson, allegedly.
To be honest I hardly noticed our wrecked backyard; I just guessed Jackson was let outside without anyone watching for a couple minutes. The flooding? Oh, Jackson likes to squirt the hose, expected water bill would be high this month.

Friday night I was suckered into taking Jackson to his first concert: The Fresh Beat Band...I say this like I don't know the words and choreography to all the songs.

How happy is he...first concert
For a mere $52/ticket, $20 for parking and $25 for his first concert t-shirt, we made it to our Friday night event. A friend and I both took our toddlers, but prior to entering this torture session we made our way to a nearby Mexican restaurant. Our kids trashed the place, (to the point that we had to leave 100% tip) while we slammed enjoyed a couple margaritas...mothers of the year once again. Then we walked over to the concert, only to realize that inside there were actual beer concessions. Oh but you can't bring your kids drink from home in because that might be a bomb. Yet the 1000 drunk parents dancing in the rain and lightning feeder bands holding their toddlers on their shoulders seems safe and reasonable.
During this concert I think, won't it be nice when Jackson can drive himself to these things...But this is South Florida, perhaps he can start driving now.
Those lines are merely a suggestion of where to park
Luke, of course, explained that the concert would be a fine mother/son experience, and that he and Blake would stay home and have guys night. Little did he know this night cost him $700 by the time all was said and done - at least it felt like highway robbery.
All set for a night with dad, got my blankie...now bring on the pizza

The library is another rainy day safe haven for us... Jackson and I went to check out some new books - "6 new books, momma" is what I was instructed. First things first though, Jackson likes to play with the beads and sometimes he likes to sing songs at the top of his lungs. An example of a totally inappropriate song that he sings, "Doing the butt...Oooowwwww...sexy, sexy"...Just perfect. The other parents just look at me and shake their heads. I'm pretty sure my chipped toenail polish is also causing them to figure I was at library while my trailer blew away in storm.
Hurry and get my 6 books before I start announcing embarrassing family secrets!
Before we leave the library we had to stop at the bathroom, which is always busy due to this being next to a retirement community. In the stall Jackson yells out, "Momma, I want to see your penis!" Wow...what do I say..."Well remember I'm a girl and girls don't have penises." That should appease him - not this time. "So do you pee out of your butt?"..."Yes." As we leave the stall, 2 more dirty, questioning looks...guess we won't come back to this library for awhile.

Sunday night brought the worst of the tropical storm for us; loud, thundering, driving rain. Jackson did not like this one bit...so to our bed he came. And once his head hit the pillow between mine and Luke's the shenanigans started. First he lets me know that he would like to watch a show...NO. Then he sings songs like twinkle, twinkle little star (We save the offensive singing for when we are out in public), I shush him. With each crack of thunder, he freezes and barks, "what's that noise". Then its back to his repertoire of songs. I can't take it, its 10:30, go to sleep. He lays quiet for 8 seconds..."10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!" He's now screaming this. I falsely threaten him that if he isn't quiet I will put him back in his bed. Just then a loud thunder crashes and lightning lights the room, I'm pretty sure it almost struck us in our bed. He yells out "I don't like this storm! I don't like that guy!" - Me neither. Alright, you don't have to go to your room alone, stay here...Oh what's that? You would like to put your knee in my back and pull my hair?...Sure, why not.

Go to work on Monday morning?  Why yes, I think I will!

Peak - Jackson has a new best friend, Diego

Pit - I'm now allowing Diego to bath Blake to save time and water...
Have a wonderful week...and try not to get suckered by your kids....

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  1. Love Diego kissing Blake! Great idea on saving time and water! LOL...XoXo