Friday, August 3, 2012

I'm an Olympian..."So Call Me Maybe"

     As we are driving down the road Jackson yells out..."Here's my number, so call me maybe." HUH?I don't even think that song had been on the radio during this outing. I'm pretty sure we have only listened to the Fresh Beat Band for the last month while in the car. (If you do not currently have small children you may be missing out on the Grammy caliber music of the Fresh Beat Band. I will tell you that it is quite catchy, but without a doubt after the 3000th time you want to pull the radio out of the car!) The minute he gets in his seat he instructs me to put on some songs...then he says "I want the Get Up and Go Go song"...I know every word to this and every other Fresh Beat song, and frequently I sing them when I am alone. I did not, however have any idea that he knew some Top 40 jams! This completely changes how I approach our errand running experience, now I may not have to drive 90 miles an hour every where we go! I'm also truly ecstatic that it was the lyrics to this song and not some Jay Z song that I so enjoy...people tend to judge when your child yells out things like "I got 99 problems..."

     So now you know what we listen to and frequently watch, but for the last week we have traded in our "movie Cars" and Fresh Beat Band shows for the Olympics. With each channel, Jackson will say "is this the Olympics?" He really likes the swimming, probably because he has recently been learning to swim; plus he likely enjoys the outfits as much as the rest of us....and why shouldn't he? He himself wears the same outfits as the male divers.


  As the Olympics began, I had Jackson carry the torch and receive a medal so he could feel connected to the games. These are in fact his first Olympics, so we should celebrate.

And after watching only a week of the Olympics I realize that my children are Olympians...Jackson competes in 3 events....

1.     The Clean Laundry Toss - this event requires the athlete to quickly gather freshly folded, clean laundry, run to the top of the stairs and launch it over before being caught by a parental unit...Jackson Evans is competing for the gold
Clean shirt...

One of Blake's toys

The bottom of our stairs...this took less than 3 minutes

2.     Sleep Stalling - this event is clearly a marathon and demands more than just physical prowess. The competitor must also have extreme stamina in order to wear down and outlast the competition.

Here is Jackson with his face against the video monitor in his room...announcing that he is not sleeping

3.      Shopping Cart Dash - 100 meters of all out sprinting while pushing a shopping cart. You may think this looks strange, imagine being my neighbor and watching the daily training sessions! I yell out "supermarket sweepstakes" and Jackson takes off running. The best part is he can push my wine in his cart while we walk through the neighborhood.

Blake only competes in one individual event. Bubble Blowing - unfortunately he didn't take any medals in this category; he lost his concentration when a stuffed owl caught his eye. I really think it had something to do with him being so exhausted from all the "doping" allegations. His 19 pounds is "Au natural" baby!
He doesn't seem to mind that he lost
he got one bubble off before the owl went flying by

I hope you too are enjoying the Olympics as much as we are. Hopefully your children are winners in their events...

Peak - this isn't a personal peak, but Jackson thought it was tons o fun...which makes me laugh...enjoy it - its the Olympic Swim Team giving us their version of "Call Me Maybe"

Pit - Blake and I did not medal in Synchronized Lunching -

Have a great week,


  1. You are so crazy ;-) I have never heard of the Fresh Beat Band. Guess my girls are way too old. I have heard of "Here's my number, so call me maybe" and I have been caught singing it from time to time. It has a very catchy beat. I'm also wondering if Luke wears that type of swim trunks... XoXo

  2. Ps. Just watched the You-Tube video! Very cute ;-)