Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer's Over...Bring On the Fat Pants!

Fall has been in full swing for a week now and it is still nearly 90 degrees here in Sunny Fla. How am I supposed to read all these Autumn themed books to Jackson that tell the kids to grab their jackets before going outside? Three year olds are concrete thinkers and mine is a definite rule follower, I'm going to have to start an iv on him to prevent dehydration if he wear his fall attire!
Well, I have gotten many requests to resume my blogging and now that the temperature has dropped to 89 and the smell of pumpkin spice fills our aggressively air conditioned house I will get back to it. The summer was busy and at the end of each day my options were blog or lay on the couch and watch hours of baseball and Big Bang Theory...Bazinga...my choice was clear. 
To quickly recap our summer...we attended 2 great weddings; the first was a local, beach wedding with Luke's college baseball buddies. 
Adult Time!
The second, Luke's sister got married in Asheville, North Carolina. I will tell you that Asheville is really fun and charming; and they have weddings down to an art. Luke's sister graciously asked our boys to be in the wedding. And then she asked Jackson to carry the rings...let me clarify this for you...A 3 year old hustler boy in a suit, on the side of a mountain with a VERY pricey ring in his pocket. This 3 year olds real goal in most situations is to taunt his younger brother into chasing him and then they both slide onto the ground and wrestle, all culminating in tears, screaming and likely a ring getting thrown off the side of the mountain, never to be seen again. I explained that we were flattered but there was no reason for her to actually let Jackson carry a real ring. She is an aunt of great trust; and she has no children yet to understand the depths of their mischief! 
We discussed the importance of this role with Jackson for weeks. He knew what he had to do and we knew he was up to the task...also the decision was made to bribe him. There would be one very desirable movie Car waiting in his seat at the end of the aisle and he would get that car once he handed those rings off without incident. Worked like a charm. 
Blake was another story all together. First, Blake has gotten to be quite large since my last blogging. He would need a suit that was built for function not necessarily form. Then we would need to get him into that suit. When I first bought the suits, I knew they would need altering but I wanted to wait until the last minute in case their wedding diets caused them to lose weight. So I took them to my parents house one weekend and my mom was happy to do the alterations. It took 3 adults to get Blake into his pants to pin them. Wedding day was no different, except I was wearing a dress, a fancy updo and 4 inch heels. And did I mention that I needed to get a bow tie around his non necked self. Basically we had to get Blake dressed and down the aisle within a couple minutes. Luke and I were a full sweat getting them both dressed. I'm fairly certain it took 5 adults to get the two inmates dressed.
But we did it. And they looked adorable...for 7 minutes. 
Bribery is not wrong, when its the only option

Then while everyone enjoyed the wedding festivities we saw Blake photo bomb the first dance, Jackson driving his "wedding" car all over the stage where the band was, both of them wanting to be carried constantly. 
Notice the small inmate making his way into for the photo bomb

The rest of our summer was spent outside...at the pool, the beach, fishing, etc....we did many outdoor activities to tire our kids out so that we could enjoy the long summer nights with some quiet. 
this likely ended with one of them holding the others head under water

first fish ever
I know! I even caught a fish
Jackson wants chocolate covered pretzels...then he can start making them

Blake is making an SOS call from is monitor...while NOT napping

Pool time with Auntie Amanda

Ahhhhh....the reward for chasing them around

Now summer is over, so says the calendar, and I have put away the shorts and gotten out my fall fat pants; I know Luke is excited!
I will get back on the blog wagon...Jackson is in school, and that brings out the best in me! 
Summers pits and peaks....

Pits: So I guess our biggest peaks were putting our kids to work so that we could have greater income...
Blake learning to change a light bulb
Jackson doing lawn maintenance without pants
Blake has picked up a couple DJing gigs

Peaks: Spending some time with my handsome hubby and my little boys...who are growing up too fast
Amanda's wedding

summer = baseball 

the boys with their cousins
the boys tried out for the Dolphins...Blake has a contract

I hope you had a wonderful summer....and now let's get to comfort food, October baseball and pumpkin lattes....Sharron

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  1. I LOVE your blogs!! Keep 'em comin'! You look lovely, as always, your hubby is indeed handsome, and you boys are absolutely adorable! I wish I could hug you all!
    Have a GREAT fall! (As in autumn,,,,, not the hitting the ground thing...)