Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Quarantine Has Been Lifted

2 1/2 weeks of illness fell over our house.
This was literally the cloud over our house for weeks
 First Jackson, then Blake and then Jackson's cold came back for a repeat engagement, only this time it was much worse. And did I mention that when they were both the sickest I succumb to the germs. Some how Luke manages to escape the little disease laden inmates but not me. Oh no, these 2 little weapons of mass destruction wait until I am at my weakest, like when my wine glass is empty, then they use this opportunity to blind side me with a match box car on the floor and as I'm tripping, flailing my arms in an attempt to find something to keep me from hitting the ground; they cough right into my mouth.
Here they are plotting how to infect me

And after 2-3 nights of bed hoping trying to put the coughing babes back to sleep, I awake feeling like I have been hit by a mack truck. This is where motherhood stops being fun.
All I wanted to do was get in the bed and be left alone...hahahaha! NOT a CHANCE. Despite my West Nile Virus symptoms, Luke insists I put Blake to sleep when he's really sick, because "You're a nurse. You know how to deal with this stuff." I'm pretty sure it does not take a nurse of any sort to apply vicks to a chest and suction a nose. But thanks to my years of working in a trauma unit and with Neurosurgeons I'm better equipped to deal with this medical emergency far better than my husband.
I took both kids to the Pediatrician and they were both put on respiratory treatments, which meant I had to go to the pharmacy...If you do not live in South Florida you may not understand the perils that belie one when entering the pharmacy area of Walgreen's. The mean age of the pharmacy we went to was 110, and that was only because I had Jackson there. I gave the pharmacist my prescriptions and said we would wait. So I took Jackson up and down the aisles, searching for cheap toys treasures and avoiding the candy aisle. After sneezing and snotting all over everything we made our way back to get our drugs. There was one man there to get his prescription one month early, they would not dispense it to him and this confused him. Jackson was getting antsy. Then the next lady said she needed a flu shot...hey lady, just come over here, Jackson will sneeze on you; you give us $20 and you can check flu shot off your list. Then we were up, home free, outta here...oh wait she has to call the pediatrician because he is trying to overdose my child.
Then BAM...without warning, an 88 year old lady squeaked her way in front of us and began demanding to have her blood pressure checked, "It's an emergency!" We were about 1.5 blocks from a hospital so it was so obvious to me why she came to get the pharmacy tech to take her blood pressure with a manual cuff from 1978. They put her in a chair and told her they would be right with her after they settled my issue. This was not what she wanted to hear and I could tell her blood pressure was climbing. She was worse than Jackson, she kept asking for the blood pressure, the blood pressure. Now to be honest at any point I could have stepped in and taken her pressure, but I didn't like her attitude. She basically told the pharmacist my kids medications could wait until after her emergency was attended to. I really could not believe that I didn't yell at her. But as we left, I was able to eek out a little smile...Jackson sneezed right on her...she likely acquired the worse illness of her life...karma!

While we were in the quarantined home, I decided to start cleaning out the things we would no longer need. Blake, AKA Monster Baby, no longer fits into the swing, infant tub, many of his clothes and infant chair. He does fit into the jumper now though, this is huge because I can put him in it and get something done for about 15 minutes. I see more wine in my future.

She got rid of my comfy swing, apparently I'm too heavy...whatever!
I also had to come up with sick day activities for Jackson. This is where I discovered that he is turning into me. He wanted to sort M&M's into colors, this is an inherited compulsion that started before me...but they do taste better when you eat them one color at at time.

Sick day activities for a 2 year old are not always easy, and to be honest his labile temperament while ill meant that the usual means of entertainment was not going to cut it...

This took him more than 10 minutes...he loved sorting his cars into colors
Fortunately we are all well, just in time to take a plane germs there! I hope this virus skips your house, it was bad and I felt really bad for both kids. It's really hard to see your kids sick...but I knew they were both better when I saw Jackson running around and Blake jumping in his jumper...its the little things.

Jackson's back to running all over..."I'm super duper fast"      Blake loving his jumper...notice the I love Sake stickers...who knew?

Pit - taking a nap when you are sick is not advisable when you are the mother. I guess Jackson is not responsible for cleaning when he is sick...but Luke, really?
Peak - Blake has started eating real food...sweet potatoes, apples, etc,

Home made baby food, is there any other way

Have a great week.

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  1. LoL... I will have to try sorting my M & M's by color now ~ just to see if they do taste better... XoXo