Monday, March 11, 2013

Daylight Savings Time a Terrible Idea...

Who is the idiot scientific genius who thought of time change? Time travel good; time change evil. Daylight savings time sounds like a wonderful idea especially if your toddler goes to bed ONLY when it's "dark outside". And when your baby is finally on a really great sleeping schedule, hey let's move the clocks forward. This daylight savings guy is currently my enemy. And honestly I'm not sure that I am acknowledging the time change.
I'm certain that I didn't care or even remotely notice time change in my 20's. Likely I welcomed the "fall back" as a weekend with one extra hour for drinking or sleeping. And "spring forward" meant one less hour of work. But as a sleep deprived parent tiptoeing around the house trying no to spill my wine when I trip over a matchbox car when the inmates are sleeping, I notice every minute that passes that I don't have to say something like, "Take my phone out of your nose" or "Please don't head butt the cat again."
Luke of course schedules himself to be on call the weekend of the time change...he says it was just coincidental, but I have video footage of him laughing all the way to the hospital. I will get him back, don't worry. So Saturday night we get the terrorists in their cells and we have a few minutes of adult know, "Blah, blah, wine glass is nearly empty...Blah, blah, blah, let's discuss Jackson's poop" We realize that we better get into bed because 11:00 is really 12:00. Let's just say that how I pictured the morning going and how it really worked out was quite different, it's like my mind was dreaming of a TV family.
5:55 am, Jackson needs to pee. 6 am Blake needs to eat. I get up to go to the bathroom; kick wake Luke to respond to either one of the screaming kids. Here's where the morning really goes off track...
I come back into our bedroom, expecting to find a large empty bed to which I would get into the middle of and finish my dream about "silence and wine"...Snap out of it...Blues Clues is blaring (Steve not Joe, I don't like that Joe guy, he creeps me out) Luke is a feeding a very awake Blake, and Jackson and Rocket are sprawled out on my side of the bed. There's just about enough room for my prebaby body to get into the bed. I guess we're up!
Luke quickly gets dressed, runs downstairs, makes a pot of coffee for me as if it were some sort of peace offering and "Has to get to work". I was mentally slashing his tires. It was still dark outside but the shenanigans were underway. I spend the next 3-5 hours playing and entertaining the boys...but I look at the clock and its only 8:30?! How is this even possible. I make breakfast, Jackson ordered oatmeal and bacon. Which he decided he would like to eat without pants on..."fine!" Blake is of course a complete train wreck. He can't decide if he wants me to hold him constantly (not an easy undertaking since he weighs a feathery 30 lbs) or run around screaming, crying and eating cat food. The morning continued on in a similar fashion. I tried to put Blake down for a nap, no dice...Just as he passing into a peaceful slumber, Jackson started yelling for me.
Let's just go outside. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, bike riding, it was a beautiful day. Our new single, neighbor came out around 11, he was heading to Starbucks..."take me with you!", I cried. He looked at me like I was out of my mind. Later I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror - not good- no wonder he skidded out of the driveway.
Luke made it home by 1 or so, actually I have no idea what time it was then or now. You see half of the clocks have the right time and the other have the wrong time and then there is the occasional clock that was never reset last time...who cares! He comes home just in time for naps. He has the audacity to fall asleep with Blake, "I was tired Sharron."
Somewhere around 8:30 pm, on some clock in the house, I blacked out!
Daylight savings time...not a good idea.

I hope your time change experience has been less memorable and a smoother transition...


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