Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My first blog...Rainy Sunday with the caged animals?!!!

Here we are...All the boys!
Well I am the mother of 2 boys...how did this happen...my oldest (Jackson) is 2  and the baby (Blake) is 2 months. My house is filled with cars, balls, trains, and the sounds of burps and toots!  I always figured I would have a girl...boy oh boy! So I have decided to blog detailed accounts of the shenanigans that go on around my house and in my world...This is a total cathartic exercise. And it is unlikely that I will blog without a glass of wine on board. I mean honestly you can't expect to step on a match box car and not curse out loud unless you have a therapeutic level of wine in your system. 

This weekend I experience my first true caged animal event. We live in South Florida, allegedly a tropical paradise...that is until hurricane season. So Sunday my husband made his way to work, (at least that is where he says he goes, I fully believe he drives around the corner and sits in his car with the newspaper for some peace and quiet.) and we were in for a day of downpours. Which prior to having children I would have welcomed with open arms. I mean when you have a rainy day without kids you can really catch up on your sleep, House Hunters, Kardashians,  and gossip magazines...but once there are kids this is not happening...AT ALL! So, what to do with a 2 year old and a 2 month old...
Well first there is the constant changing of the diapers and the need for food. My 2 year old can now open the refrigerator which means he brings me random food items all day long. And he will put in his order for breakfast and then decide he didn't really mean that, but he would like a package of gummy spidermen...I don't think so. He also likes to drink mimosa, please read on and do not call DCF (dept. of children's and family services), which is orange juice and sparkling water mixed. Once I get him to the table to eat his menu item and drink his mimosa, he then proceeds to tell me that he needs several cars to play with while he eats. 
While all this is going on my 2 month old sits quiet in his swing, until such time as I need to eat or drink a cup of hot coffee. For my entire pregnancy I went without coffee and for the last 2 months I have managed to only drink cold coffee, because he thinks I like it that way!
We make it through breakfast and then there are diaper changes and outfit changes for the day. 
Now what?! OK we can read books...We likely have 150 children's books in our house, yet without fail I read the same 4 daily. Then we move onto the constant from my toddler..."let's watch movie Cars"...If he could have Cars 2 on a loop in our house he would; however he only watches when the cars are racing and he yells out - "They're racing!" at the top of his lungs. So we watch a little of the movie and at the same time he lines his Cars cars up wheel to wheel...straight lines and do NOT even think of moving one. 

Then he decides we need to go outside...but the pouring rain and thunder really are not what he had in mind. And in Florida you do not play in the rain, we have the most lightning strikes in the country. (please do not quote me on that!)
So I move my car out of the garage and put down bases so we can play kick ball. And we bowl for while...This whole time my 2 month old is sound asleep and happy as a lark. Jackson is screaming and yelling at the top of his lungs while we bowl, but Blake sleeps on. Then we have lunch...another big event...Jackson decided he would like grilled cheese and soup...so we do it...but in this time he also decides to dump every car and train he owns on the floor. And if this isn't enough he needs to take apart 10 puzzles. In the 13 minutes it took to make his lunch, his play room turned into downtown Beirut. I also decide that grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds good for me to eat, so I make my own...Blake of course catches wind of this and starts to wail once I take my seat at the table. What was I even thinking?
Everyone gets fed and Blake gets a bottle, burp and diaper. Jackson and I put some of the junk away. And then we make a fort out of sheets all over our family room. And we get a lantern and we read books by the dim light. I am at this point praying for nap time all around. It is only 1 o'clock but my husband keeps saying there is more surgery to be done...who are these people who insist on going out in the rain and breaking their limbs on my Sunday Funday?! 
At 2:30 I think Jackson is finally sufficiently tired enough to sleep through all the storm sounds and we start to head upstairs when, my husband calls and says, "I'm coming home"...more magical words have never been spoken! So I keep Jackson awake until daddy gets home so they can spend some quality time together. I figure then Luke will take Blake and I can take a shower...HAHAHA! Luke falls asleep with Jackson, and Blake requires another feeding and oh yes his second poop of the day! 
An hour later my husband stumbles down the stairs and asks how my day went...its 4 o'clock and I just want a hot cup of coffee...I could punch him...but instead I go to the grocery store - ALONE!
Thanks for reading...I hope you enjoy this and in some way it makes you feel like you are not alone in this crazy world of parenting. Our only job is to protect them from the all the pedophiles you see on Law and Order SVU!...I have got to stop watching that show!


  1. LOLOLOL wow does this bring back memories!

    You are precious and your writing brings us right in!! Oh Sharon..comeon..go for the girl..have THREE!! lolol hehe

    I'll never forget when I was nursing my 3 mos old..and found out my perfect world; one boy and one girl would be changed forever; AVERY was conceived! Now its 6 grandbabies l8tr..and i chuckle hearing their stories..and reading yours.

    AWESOME MOM YOU ARE...awesome families, and thank God for people like you and psst..yes you will survive..lose the baby weight really fast and just cherish every moment!

  2. Well Hello Sharron with two r's :-) Fancy meeting you here in blogland. Love your story! And yes once you have children the hot coffee/hot food goes right out the window, but you don't seem to mind. Even now after all these years I don't really like hot food or hot coffee. Silly right? I look forward to reading your blog... XoXo